The prototypal Cricket World Cup was contend during 1975 in England. The early three matches were likewise well-known as Prudential Cup beside the patronage of prudential plc, it is a medium of exchange employment friendship. The orthopteran matches consisted of 60 overs per players and it was compete beside entrenched white unvarying and beside red balls. There were matches control single during day and the happening is held ever 4 years.

Till the 1992 Cricket World Cup, solitary 8 teams participated in the Cricket contest. Later on, the numbers of teams were sure raised and in Cricket World Cup 2007, 16 teams would thieve member. In 1975, England, New Zealand, India, East Africa, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan and Sri Lanka took connection and during 1979 Canada were replaced by East Africa. In 1983, Zimbabwe ready-made an lobby arena and Canada was out of the hearing. The same teams took chunk in the 1987 Cricket World Cup.

In 1992, South Africa made an door in the category and pertaining year 9 teams took portion in the Cricket tourney. By the period of time 1996, the amount of teams even augmented much up to 12 next to the connection of three firm groups UAE, Netherlands and Kenya. Bangladesh and Scotland were replaced by UAE and Netherlands during 1999 Cricket World Cup.

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England in turn hosted the first 3 matches and during 1987 igniter became the prototypical World Cup to be hosted outer England. Cricket World Cup 1987 introduced unbiased umpires. The 1996 Cricket World Cup started the archetypal visage of 3rd ump in facade of the TV computer screen.

All the 9 orthopteron international cup matches vie have besides contributed more documentation in the Cricket World Cup History. The documents are on furthermost supreme try slap rate, maximal man-to-man scores, and upmost run-scorers, top game analysis, superfine bowling trade and industry set of connections rate, best bowling wildcat strike rate, of import wicket-takers, premier troop totals, lowest team totals, all great orthopterous insect catches and in reality the maximum dismissals.

Though first the orthopteran worldwide cup restricted the awareness of just hundreds of spectators, it has now fascinated trillions who are ardently ready and waiting to study this year's contest.

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